I downloaded Microsoft&#039;s example on creating a chart based on a database using the Office Web Components. It all works just ducky for the example but I&#039;m having some problems getting my own table to work properly. I have several fields in the table, one for each specific app. The record corresponding to that field is a number, a usercount at a specific date. Like so: <BR>date - date/time <BR>location - text <BR>Word - number <BR>Lotus Notes - number <BR>Solitaire - number <BR>etc. <BR>I do a "SELECT * from table WHERE node LIKE &#039;Hous&#039;" to get the user counts from all months in Houston. Now, I need to iterate through the fields that are NOT &#039;node&#039; or &#039;date&#039; to create my Series. Then I need the corresponding values of those fields to create the chart. This is what I tried: <BR><BR>dim iCount, strSfield <BR>iCount=1 <BR>for each strSfield in m_rs.Fields <BR> if not strSfield.name="node" and not strSfield.name="date" then <BR> cht.SetData c.chDimSeriesNames, 0, "" & strSfield.name & "" <BR> cht.SetData c.chDimValues, 0, "" & strSfield.value & "" <BR> iCount=iCount+1 <BR> end if <BR>next <BR>cht.SetData c.chDimCategories, 0, "date" <BR><BR>But that doesn&#039;t work, it draws the Category axis (Date) fine, but it doesn&#039;t fill the legend with the application names, nor does it draw the actual chart. <BR>If anyone could help me out here, it&#039;d be most appreciated.