Hi folks!<BR><BR>I&#039;m developing a web-application with ASP which retrieves data from the database. The server is WinNT 4.0 Server, IIS4.0 and SQL Server 7. <BR><BR>It passes the data to Microsoft Excel 2000 which is embedded to Internet Explorer.<BR><BR>The problem is that I get data to Excel pretty fine, but the problem is that the script should create a chart automatically from the data got from the database.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to use the following code to generate the chart (It works pretty fine when running as Excel macro), but it does not show the chart (and doesn&#039;t show any errors):<BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>Set MyExcelChart = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet")<BR><BR>MyExcelChart.Ac tiveSheet.Name = "Object 1"<BR><BR>MyExcelChart.Application.Visible = True <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveSheet.Range("a2:b4").Se lect <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.Charts.Add<BR><BR>MyExcelChar t.ActiveChart.ChartType = 97<BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.BarShape = 3 <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.HasTitle = True <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.ChartTitle.Text = "AutoChart" <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.SetSourceData MyExcelChart.Sheets("Object 1").Range("a2:b4"), PlotBy = 1<BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.Location 1<BR><BR>&#039;MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.Location 1 <BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.HasDataTable = True<BR><BR>MyExcelChart.ActiveChart.DataTable.Sho wLegendKey = True <BR>%&#062; <BR><BR>Another problem is that the script names the Excel workbook randomly from some reason. I&#039;ve queries stored to the database from where the script gets the SQL and produces graph.<BR><BR>If you have any suggestions (examples) or ideas how to implement this, I would appreciate it. I&#039;ve tried to find example from the net few days but found nothing.<BR><BR>Thank you!