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    I have retrived some text from a database with the help of a search criteria (ie. text LIKE &#039;%reserv%&#039;). My problem is that I want to highlight the search criteria word.<BR><BR>I know the positon where the word start but I don&#039;t know the end positioning. <BR><BR>What I need is help with is:<BR>If I know the position where the word starts how can i get the position where the word ends (first whitespace)?

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    Do you know how long the word is? (try LEN())<BR>The if you know where the word starts and how long it is, you then know where it ends.

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    Default Here you go

    This should work.<BR><BR>LongStr = "We have reserved you a carton of fresh mushrooms"<BR>StartPos=8 &#039; You say you already know this<BR>EndPos = Instr(StartPos,LongStr," ")<BR>NewStr = Left(LongStr,StartPos) & "&#060;b&#062;" & Mid(LongStr,StartPos+1,EndPos) & "&#060;/b&#062;" & Right(LongStr,Len(LongStr)-(EndPos + StartPos))<BR>Response.write NewStr

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    Default Brilliant :-)


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