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Thread: Making Popup Boxes (MsgBox) Multilanguage

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    Does anyone know how to change the text from standard english to any other language within a message box, I am doing this very easily in the main structure of my asp code using a GetLanguage(23) script which pulls the text from a sql database using an include file with the function contained within it.<BR><BR>The main problem I am facing is trying to change the text in a message box, I think it&#039;s something to do with the fact that the MsgBox is in a Sub Procedure, and thats why it not evaluating correctly...<BR><BR>Has anyone faced a problem like this before?<BR><BR>A sample of the code below...<BR><BR>sub btnSubmit_OnClick<BR>Dim frm, strDate, strMsgBox, strWords<BR>Set frm = document.frmAnnouncement<BR>frm.txtPublish.value = "0"<BR>if Trim(frm.txtAnnouncementTitle.value) &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strDate = frm.cboDateDay.value & "-" & frm.cboDateMonth.value & "-" & frm.cboDateYear.value<BR> if IsDate(strDate) then<BR> frm.submit<BR> else<BR> strWords = GetLanguage(302)<BR> strMsgBox = "MsgBox " & strWords & ",vbInformation," & "VLC"<BR> response.write strMsgBox<BR> end if<BR>else<BR> strWords = GetLanguage(303)<BR> strMsgBox = "MsgBox " & strWords & ",vbInformation," & "VLC" <BR> response.write strMsgBox<BR>end if<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>What would normally replace GetLanguage would be something like : - "You must enter a title for the question" I would like this phrase to be in french - spanish or whatever which it gets from the database, my function is working correctly as it used about 1000 times in my code successfully already..<BR><BR>Any Guru&#039;s out there ready for a challenge?

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    I share your problem. While you&#039;re at it, how do you change the words on the buttons to a different language (e.g. OK, Cancel etc)

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