Hi<BR><BR>I have a wsc component which takes data from as asp page below and inserts it into a access db. What i eventually want is for the component to do this automatically at a certain time of day and for the data to be read from a text file. I am not quite sure where to go next, has anyone any clues just to head me in the right direction.<BR>&#039;Create an instance of the Time_Blocks.Insert windows script component<BR><BR>Dim timeblockinsert<BR>Set timeblockinsert = server.CreateObject("TimeBlocks.Insert")<BR><BR>&# 039;Some data to add<BR>timeblockinsert.Staff_ID = 11<BR>timeblockinsert.Appt_Date = "23/7/01"<BR>timeblockinsert.Time_Start = "10:00"<BR>timeblockinsert.Time_Block = "00:15"<BR><BR>timeblockinsert.AddTimes<BR><BR>&#0 39;----clean up<BR><BR>Set timeblockinsert = Nothing<BR><BR>thanks<BR>andrew<BR>