Hi;<BR>I have a hosting from a company (which unable to solve or at least answer my questions!) <BR>I have a well known chronic problem. But I could not find the exact solution.I just created an access 2000 mdb file. When I try to reach this file via ftp I see there is an ldb file. This database is not in service right now.So no one is using. From the ldb file I see that I am connected (which I&#039;m not). How can I remove this ldb or how can I disconnect my disconnection? :)<BR>To create new tables I have to connect, download, update and upload this new db. But I cant copy someting because there is ldb file. From the hosting company they told me that I have to cause an illegal query through an ASP page, at which point I can then remove the locked file and replace your file.<BR> <BR>SO basically do you have any idea about his "illegal querry"? Do you have any example for that?<BR> <BR>By the way Many many thanx for ASP in 21 days book. This book is like a medicine. <BR>Thanx and Regards<BR> meltems@mail.com<BR>Mel<BR>