I have 4 forms first one is a HTML table with Client information <BR>commining from sql database. users will select any one row and <BR>go to second form<BR>1.<BR>Second form has 20 fields(textbox,radio, check, etc) init like name,address, phone etc. User tries to select some fields from <BR>existing database. So he clicks (search) hyperlink which is attached to searchable fields.<BR><BR>2.<BR>Third form -&#062; user has searches for ex:client name field <BR>field --&#062; search criteria ex:sam<BR>clicks on form button "Submit"<BR><BR>3.<BR>form 4 displays search results<BR>with Anchor tag on each "client name" on click it takes to "Second Form" (update) again with client name<BR><BR>Question :<BR>how can I retain all my 19 field values when I go to my <BR>"Second Form" with out using temparory database table. I can&#039t<BR>use "server.HTMLencode" because I am comming from a Anchor tag<BR>link.<BR>