Hello,<BR><BR>I was asked to debug someone else&#039;s code today and got to the point of pulling my hair out. The original problem was using Array.prototype.push (and .pop) to mimick the JavaScript1.3 implementation of these methods. We tested to see if the push method returned the value that was just added to the array or if it returned the new length of the array. If it returned the value, the implementation was JavaScript1.2, so we set Array.prototype.push = null. Then we tested if Array.prototype.push returned true. If not [thus not supported], we defined a function, array_push, that would do what 1.3 does and set Array.prototype.push = array_push. Works fine in IE 5.5, but not IE 5.0. I spent an hour trying to debug, only to find that our prototype was not the problem. The REAL problem was that a function calls someArray.push(someValue) - the array was declared at the global level. If I declare the same array in the calling function it works. The global array is processed by many different functions, so it needs to maintain that scope. Any ideas why a globally declared array will not recognize our push prototype? I am not not that JS savvy - mostly write VB components. Any help would be greatly appreciated