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    Hi All.<BR>Hope someone can help me with something you might find ODD.<BR>I Have a text field in an access 2000 database.<BR>When i do an update to change info in this field i do it like this.<BR>objRec.Filter = "(ID = ("&strID&"))"<BR>objRec(Reports) = "My updated version here"<BR>objRec.Update<BR><BR>This works good.<BR>But how can I update this field to being a null value?<BR>I have tried many things and i can not set this to Null...<BR>I can clear it out with a blank form field, but something must still be there because if i do a rs.count on only that field it will still count it as if some kind of value exists. <BR><BR>I have tried updates like this<BR>objRec.Filter = "(ID = ("&strID&"))"<BR>objRec(Reports) = IsNull<BR>objRec.Update <BR>Have also tried (IsNull), "IsNull"<BR><BR>I am at a loss.<BR>Can someone please help?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Randy<BR><BR>

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    try objRec(Reports) = Null

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