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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I have to say this forum is fantastic for people like myself who are keen but lacking in knowlegde.<BR><BR>I have been asked to setup (for work) a system where our clients can log into our site and download the lastest pdf files of our technical manuals and other stuff.<BR><BR>I am up to the point where they can log in, they get given acces to the files they are allowed to see according to their access level but what is the best way of providing links on a page to pdf files ?<BR><BR>I want to try and make it a little beter than I have it now with a list of links direct to the pdf&#039;s. Is there a way to hide the url of the files as we fear once someone knows the url of a pdf file, they can bookmark it and bypass the login and access level stuff.<BR><BR>Thanks a million (not dollars)<BR><BR>MP

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    Default FileSystemObject + Response.BinaryWrite

    FileSystemObject + Response.BinaryWrite (in case it&#039;s too long for the subject line).<BR><BR>I believe you can accomplish it like this, and only serve up the files through an ASP script that always checks to make sure the user is logged in.

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    Default can you expand on that ?

    interesting but doesn&#039;t really help much

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    Default RE: can you expand on that ?

    perhaps you could look up response.binarywrite - that should give you an idea of what i mean...<BR><BR>anyway, to expand: store the files on the server in an inaccessible folder. use filesystem object to open the requested file via ASP if the user has the correct rights, and use response.binray write to send the file to the user.<BR><BR>how&#039;s that? anything more you should be able to find on your own, else come back with partial code and specific errors / problems you are having.

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