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    Login probs.<BR><BR>Here is the deal... I have written ASP that will notify an administrator by email when a new customer registers. In the email is a link to go straight to the new customers profile info. My problem is that I am checking each page to verify that user is logged in. If they are not then they are redirected to login page. Since the link in the email is causing the user to be redirected due to the user not being logged in, How can I get the page to go back to the referring page (the one from the email) once they log in. Grabbing the HTTP_REFERER Server Variable doesn&#039;t seem to be working since i am redirecting. <BR><BR>Any Ideas?<BR><BR>Rob

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    I think the problem is this, the user goes to the page embedded in the e-mail. Get&#039;s redirected to the login page as not logged in. At this point http_referrer contains the link back to the original page. the user logs in, probably a postback form ie post to itself. Now httpreferrer contains the link to the login page.<BR><BR>The solution is to pass that original link to the login page through session var, hidden field, etc and then do the response.redirect after sucessful login.

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