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    Default Server.Transfer or Response.Redirect - HELP

    I have an asp page that takes 2 minutes to execute. So throughout the page I use Response.Flush commands to update the progress.<BR><BR>When the page has completed executing, I want to redirect to another page.<BR><BR>It seems I can&#039;t use Response.Redirect because I have already sent text.<BR><BR>It seems I can&#039;t use Server.Transfer because all of the lines of text giving updates remain at the top next page I load.<BR><BR>What can I do so that I can redirect, give updates on the previous page, and start with a clean slate on the next page.

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    Default At the end of the process do

    response.write "&#060;script language=""javascript""&#062;document.location.hre f=&#039;nextpage.asp;&#039;&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>

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