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Thread: Passing a variable in a hidden form field

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    I can&#039t seem to pass a variable in a hidden field in my form.<BR><BR>I am setting the following variable:<BR>linenbr = CInt(Session("HIGHLINENBR")) + 1<BR><BR>I have the following funtion which is run when the submit button<BR>is clicked:<BR><BR>Function processadd<BR> document.formPoDetail.Elements("passVckId").value = tblVCKId.innerText <BR> document.formPoDetail.Elements("passLineNbr").valu e = nextlinenbr<BR> document.formPoDetail.submit<BR>End Function <BR><BR>My form looks like this:<BR>&#060;form action="ChgPoDetail.asp" method="post" id="listPoDetail" name="formPoDetail"&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="passVckId" value&#062;<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="passLineNbr" value&#062;<BR>&#060;/Form&#062;<BR><BR>All other fields are passed when the form is submitted, but the<BR>variable nextlinenbr does not get passed. How do you pass a variable field in a hidden form field?<BR><BR>

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    Your Code Does n&#039t Match Properly.<BR>Your Variable name is "linenbr" and the Value you Passed to hidden field is nextlinenbr.Check your Code first and let me know if it is by mistake typed.

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