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    Greg Sandell Guest

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    Someone asked about a statistical plotting tool. What about something more general, something that creates gif images from various library calls like drawline, drawrect, fillcolor, etc.?<BR><BR>Tom Boutell ( has a shareware C library called GD which provides the necessary API and gif-generating functions. I&#039ve implemented it for CGI programs on Unix machines, and unless it&#039s already been done, I&#039ll implement it as an ASP object. Anyone hear of such a thing?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Greg Sandell<BR>

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    Gizz Guest

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    We have written a java applet for generating graph gifs from data input - any use?

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    Sam Pfanstiel Guest

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    Greg,<BR><BR>&#060;a href=>;/a> is a server object that seems to do what you have asked for. Although I have purchased it, I haven&#039t had time to tinker with it, though.<BR><BR>Sam Pfanstiel<BR>

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