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    [Previously and *wrongly* Posted in Advance ASP -- Sorry]<BR><BR> I would like to create a password scheme whereby individuals are redirected to appropriate areas of their website based on their authorized &#039;access area.&#039; <BR><BR>I have created the database with the username, password, and access area fields but am having a problem with the redirect code. <BR><BR>What would be the best way to approach this requirement? If...then Else or Case...? Does anyone have some code to show me how I should approach this? <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Abe

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    ssql = "Select....where name=&#039;" & NameEntered & "&#039; and pwd = &#039;" & owdEntered & "&#039;"<BR> ssql, connectionobject, 3<BR><BR>if rec.eof and rec.bof then<BR>redirect to where ever.<BR>end if<BR>

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