Hello,<BR><BR>I normally wouldn&#039;t post a question, but I&#039;ve exhausted all my research resources, and need an example. I&#039;ve got an asp page with an activex treeview on the left and an activex listview on the right. The treeview populates with data from sqlserver fine, and when any of the the lowest level nodes are selected, the subdata is displayed in listview control fine.<BR><BR>What I&#039;m having trouble with is defining and implementing the oledragdrop. I want to drag and drop a data item from the listview to a different node in the treeview, track all the changes, then update the database. This is an IE5 only intranet app, so I can go nuts with client side vbscript. Does anyone have an example of this working. I have seen a couple of discussions on usenet of people getting this type of drag and drop working, but it&#039;s not clear how from their conversations, and microsoft&#039;s site has nothing for asp, only vb. Thanks.