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    Todd Harvey Guest

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    We are able to distribute ActiveX components which we have written, and can find much documentation.<BR><BR>Unfortunately, in the project we have developed, we have used many, many of the MS provided ActiveX components that come with Visual Interdev, especially the MSFlexGrid, and others.<BR><BR>All these display perfectly on any pc on which we installed Visual Interdev.<BR><BR>None display at all on "vanilla" pc&#039s.<BR><BR>* We are not able to "regsrvr32 msflxgrd.ocx" for example (doesn&#039t help)<BR>* Security settings in IE4 or IE5 (same problem in either) seem to be no help. (settings related to enable activex controls)<BR><BR>We are completly at a loss as to why the MS provided flex grid, for example, will not display at all in IE5 or IE4. We supposed there was something simple in Visual Interdev such as "publish" or "deploy project", but have as yet been unlucky.<BR><BR>I cannot promise you that we would pay for a helpful answer, however, that idea has been kicked around here . . .<BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Todd Harvey<BR>for Lockwood Greene Engineers , Knoxville TN,1-423-777-1020<BR>(closest phone 1-423-977-2975)

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    This issue really rings a bell. I think I read an article recently that talked about it. I assume you have investigated distributing these components as a CAB file?

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    Ritesh Patel Guest

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    Todd<BR><BR>I had a problem using Visual InterDev&#039s ActiveX components on web pages as well. The components worked fine when viewing the page from my machine but couldn&#039t be seen on any other client machine. I then realised that I had to install Visual InterDev Remote Tools (or something like that) onto the web server (which is found on the Visual Studio CD) and the tools could now be seen by other client machines and the web server. Sounds obvious but gave me plenty of headaches. Hopefully this is of some help.

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    Gundi Guest

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    U cannot Register the components that are built-in in VB or VI<BR>Regsvr32 works with third party components or the user defined components

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    activeX controls must be embeded inside the page so that IE will download them and understand their octet stream use the object tag to embed them inside of a page afterburn@imageteam.com

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    Vince F Guest

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    You need a combination of the posts.<BR><BR>You need to use the ActiveX object&#039s codebase attribute to disclose its location on the server so browsers can download the ActiveX. <BR><BR>Then, you need to register it on the server. That can be done using the Remote Tool in InterDev. <BR><BR>The usual reason is the codebase is left blank. Good luck. <BR><BR>Vince

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