Session Variables, or Read from the DB?

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Thread: Session Variables, or Read from the DB?

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    Default Session Variables, or Read from the DB?

    I have a form that users fill with misc info. When they submit the form it sends a e-mail to a user they pick from a dropdown box. The user gets an e-mail stating that they have a action piece waiting for them to approve. My problem is getting that information back to the 2nd user. I have been trying to use session variables, although my lack of experience is a large hurdle. I have also tryed to write the info from the form to the DB, and then have user2&#039;s browser read from that DB. I will ba having many users using this site at a time. I am not looking for code, but input. If anyone has any...please. <BR><BR>-endsabruptly

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    Default When you say the

    second user do you mean the user that get&#039;s the e-mail. If so then session variables are not an option as the will only be available to user 1, so go with the db. If on the other hand it&#039;s the user that fills the form that needs this info back, session vars may be an option depending on how long youneed the data to survive. Cookies or the db are alternative options for this scenario.

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    Default No, the second user is not the originator...

    The info is submitted to user2 from user1 for approvial. User2 would have a link in the e-mail sending them to a form identical to the from user1 used to write the piece, with the appropiate sections filled in.

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