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    My company (small business) is doing the e-commerce thing. The "storefront" end of it (catalog items) has to be generated in-house, and we are reaching that point pretty soon. I&#039m looking for a recommended shopping cart program to take that development hassle off our respective heads. <BR><BR>Requirements: <BR>Understandable, work-with-able code.<BR>Tried and true.<BR>Simple explanation of what our Web Host needs to know (if anything), to get this up and running.<BR>Reasonable price.<BR><BR>Any takers?

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    Dawn - I STRONGLY recommend CartEasy from Future Communications. It is 100% ASP based solution that is highly customizeable. I purchased it about a month ago and have used it as a foundation on which to build my entire project(An site for an online bookseller). You can check it out online at:<BR><BR>If you decide to purchase - and you will - please tell Marty that I sent you :)<BR><BR>I will be happy to answer any questions you might have about my real world implementation of CartEasy. I absolutely love the product. I recently lost my programmer and was forced to learn ASP and database coding. It has trimmed months off of my learning curve.<BR><BR>Scott Blanchard<BR>Spinnergy Internet<BR>205-222-4000

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