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    Hello<BR><BR>I am using MS Access 2000, IIS 5.0, on a Win 2000 Server.<BR><BR>My prblem is; how do I set up an interface that will allow me to type in text and the application autmatically formats to html. It should be able to capture each time I press &#039;enter&#039; so that it places line breaks &#039;. Such as you have here.<BR>&#039;.<BR><BR>This should allow for large large text document. I in the process of building an online newspaper for the university I work for. Also, do you know of any good free script(s) that I can download for an online newspaper.<BR><BR>Kindest regards

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    Default When you display on the page...

    First do this...<BR>Text = Replace(Text, vbCrLf, "&LT;br&#062;")

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