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    I have a listbox where users can select upto 3 choices. I am passing those upto 3 values in the querystring. <BR>On the next page,I put them in an array and do a SQL SELECT statement for those 3 selections seperately and put in a seperate recordset.<BR><BR>I am having problem displaying results the way I want to in a spreadsheet kind of format.<BR><BR>I have a table with all the headings that user has selected as one recordset as first row of the table.<BR> very left column has a another set of values that all those three recordsets have in common as a second recordset.<BR> and upto three recorsets in three colums trying to match with very left column. <BR>If I don&#039;t have a matching data I just want a blank cell.<BR><BR>I have even tried to loop three recordsets, that does not work either.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to put each recodset in a column and match with left colum would be appreciated. I am not sure on what the best way to do this.

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