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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    Hello,<BR>I&#039;m working with a SQLServer database, in the database I have defined somo stored procedures wich I use from my ASP Code.<BR>I execute a SP using a Command Object (to pass all the parameters) and I store the result in a RecordSet.<BR>It works fine, (I tested it form the Enterprise Manager) but sometimes when I try to print the value of some fields from the ASP code it print it empty and I know it has value(I saw it from the Enterprise Manager)<BR>I don&#039;t understant the reason because it only fail with some fields.<BR><BR>Please any idea?<BR><BR>Million thanks<BR>

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    Amogh Guest

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    Please paste the code where you are printing values in asp page.<BR>So that I can know how you are displaying the records.

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    Rafael Flores Guest

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    Thanks Amogh for answering me but I have just solve it.<BR>The problem was the order I was reading the fields, because I use set rs = objcmd.Execute the recordset by default is forward only so I have to access the fields in the same order that they are in the RecordSet then it works fine.<BR><BR>Kind regards,

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