Syntax error with date.

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Thread: Syntax error with date.

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    Petar Guest

    Default Syntax error with date.

    When I use <BR>Dim dtDate<BR>Date = "22/06/2001"<BR>objRS.Open "SELECT * FROM Power WHERE pDate = &#039;dtDate&#039;"<BR>I get the error.<BR>Syntax error converting character string to smalldatetime data type<BR><BR>When i use <BR>objRS.Open "SELECT * FROM Power WHERE pDate = &#039;06/22/2001&#039;"<BR>it works.

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    Ghose Guest

    Default RE: Syntax error with date.

    Try the Cdate function...<BR><BR>Dim dtDate<BR>tDate = "22/06/2001" &#039;Date is the name of a function<BR>dtDate = Cdate(tDate)<BR>objRS.Open "SELECT * FROM Power WHERE pDate = " & dtDate<BR><BR>

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