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    sean Guest

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    How do i get information from a form in HTML into an access database and keep the info in there so that my boss can go in access and look at the updated database whenever he wants? i can extract info. from databases using ASP but don&#039t know how to get the info in there?? please help?!!!

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    objConn.execute "insert into TABLENAME (colName1, colName2, colName3, etc) values (&#039request.form(value1)&#039, &#039request.form(value2)&#039, &#039request.form(value3)&#039, etc);"<BR><BR>1) I didn&#039t put in all of the " & & "s around the variables. You&#039re on the advanced board, you&#039re bright enough to do it yourself.<BR>2) objConn is connected.<BR>3) You&#039ll probably want to filter the form data for things like &#039 and remember that saving date/time info is easier with a # instead of a &#039 delimiter.

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    sean Guest

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    Thanks for the info but can anyone post the KISS code for it or provide a link so I can see how to do this better? thanks in advance... i was told that only sql could do this and am glad I can get around using it (for now)

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