function CheckBrowse(form1)<BR>{<BR> if (document.form1.radResourceType[1].checked)<BR> {<BR> document.layers["browsediv"].visibility ="hidden";<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>function ShowBrowse(form1)<BR>{<BR> if (document.form1.radResourceType.checked = true)<BR> {<BR> document.layers["browsediv"].visibility ="visible";<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>The above are the two client side functions I call to make a textbox and browsebutton, inside a DIV , visible or hide.<BR>I have given the div as <BR>&#060;div id=browsediv style="position:relative;visibility:visibile"&#062 ;<BR><BR>In NetScape the textmatter inside the DIV is becomig visible or hidded accordingly. But the textbox and the browse button always remain hidded . Please help..<BR>