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    Hi i just install oracle 8i and i&#039;m trying to add a connection to the sample oracle database created during installation with visual interdev6. However im geting nothing. What exposes the the data on an oracle 8i database. Was just installing it good enough or should i have also done something else. I&#039;m just trying to learn<BR><BR>howard

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    Default For a beginner, Oracle can be a pain...

    ...to setup. You&#039;ve most likely not set up your "service" via Oracle 8 Net Easy Config.<BR><BR>Oracle establishes "listeners" that allow for remote connectivity to the database. In basic terms, it&#039;s like giving<BR>the Oracle database a network address (although this is not a technically accurate description). As part of the connection process, you reference the information in the tnsnames.ora file created by Oracle 8 Net Easy Config that tells your code how to find and connect to the database.<BR><BR>If you can connect directly via SQL Plus, then you are ready to try via your ODBC drivers and ASP.<BR><BR>Take care...

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