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    When you submit a form with a file type input box on it, what exactly get&#039;s sent. Is it simply the string of text that was in the text box or is it a reference to the actual file or is it the actual file it self?<BR><BR>I want to user to be able to attach/include a file and then I want to store it in a directory on the server, but not in the database.<BR><BR>

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    The file input tag gives you the box with the browse button, which will contain a reference to the file you want uploaded. The actualy upload process requires a fairly complicated (I find) script.<BR>I&#039;m pretty sure I&#039;ve seen some such scripts posted on this site. If you can&#039;t find one, let me know. I have one that works quite well. The file is uploaded and is then stored on my server. The program then goes one step further -- it removes the file from the server and sends it to me via email and is then deleted from the server. This part can be removed.<BR>There is no database involved. Keep in mind that you need to have full read/write access to your server&#039;s file system object, which is often only set upon request. Having the file stored in the same folder as your database should work though.<BR>If you need the script, drop me a line at info@jtwebmaster.com

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