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    Mark Aurit Guest

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    OK, here is my question that someone has to answer immediately: how do I disable the BACK button (just kidding, just kidding).<BR><BR>I use global.asa in the root folder of my site to place some strings into the application object. However, my virtuals under the root cannot see the strings. Is this the correct behavior (not seeing items in application in virtuals), and if not what am I doing wrong? And if it is the correct behavior, is there a way around it? I sure dont want to place copies of global.asa in each of my virtuals that execute scripts, but placing the items in includes is equally bad.<BR>Thanks much, Mark<BR><BR> <BR>global.asa sets Application("mycar")="Ford"<BR>response.write Application("mycar")&#039; shows Ford<BR> virtual_folder<BR>response.write Application("mycar") &#039; shows nothing<BR><BR>

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    Are you talking about the same application or another application/project?<BR><BR>

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    Mark Aurit Guest

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    Its all part of the same web site, the same application. The virtual is under the root for the site. Another example based on my placing an array in application (using global.asa in the root folder)<BR>
    oot folder<BR>isarray(array_name) &#039; True<BR>virtual folder<BR>isarray(array_name) &#039; False

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