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    Hey there -- <BR><BR>Does this component return the capabilities of a browser type in general or the specific capabilities of the browser that is looking at the site?<BR><BR>In other words and for example, this component can tell me whether a user&#039s browsers supports cookies, but can it tell me if the user&#039s browser has cookies enabled?! My tests don&#039t bear this out. In which case, how can I detect whether a user has cookies, javascript, etc. enabled or not?!<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR><BR>Oliver

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    Hey there. I have not worked much with BrowserCap, but I know one sly way to determine if your visitor has cookie support enabled or not.<BR><BR>In Global.ASA, add the following line is Session_OnStart:<BR>Session("CookiesEnabled") = "Yes"<BR><BR>Then, on any page, if Session("CookiesEnabled") = "Yes", then cookies are enabled. If they are not, then Session("CookiesEnabled") will equal "".<BR><BR>:)

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