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    I need to record absences into a database, I have all off the pages working, (to insert data, choose sick type, etc), but I have a problem.<BR>I enter the start and end dates, but I only want to count the days monday to saturday as sick days.<BR>Does anybody know how I can do this.<BR>I was thinking about just minusing 1 day from every 7, but that wil be wrong, if somebody is off from thursday to tuesday, the sunday is not included then.<BR>I waffling...<BR><BR>can anybody help ?<BR><BR>thank you .<BR>

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    Look up the weekday function in the VBScript reference that is located in the left margin of this page.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>mj

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    Dim Myweekday, startdate, enddate<BR>StartDate = &#060;%StartDate%&#062;<BR>EndDate = &#060;%EndDate%&#062;<BR>MyWeekDay = Weekday(MyDate) <BR><BR>So I would use something like this, but how do I say if myweekday = sunday then dont add up the numbers ?<BR><BR>sorry as you can see my script and as pis pretty weak !<BR>

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