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    JustinS Guest

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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am currently developing an ASP Forum - just something to keep the brain ticking over nothing overly &#039;serious&#039;.<BR><BR>Everything is going nicely - every query so far is a stored proc - and i&#039;m intending to keep it this way. <BR><BR>Now the question I have is that I will be creating a &#039;Forum Administration&#039; page which will setup various global options for the forum (eg Do users have to &#039;sign-up&#039; to use the forum?). Now, I could execute a sproc every time I needed this data, but once it has been setup it&#039;s not going to change that often, hence imo the need for some kind of caching taking place.<BR><BR>The preferences _will_ be stored in the SQL DB.<BR><BR>I&#039;d thought about:<BR><BR>Creating an Application variable that is populated when it needs to be (ie the DB is hit when the Application var is blank). This would contain a string of the preferences ie:<BR><BR>option1, option2, option3<BR><BR>easily splittable into an array. Or possibly use this to populate a dictionary object. Hmm.<BR><BR>Now the second part of this rather long-winded post is that I need to do virtually the same thing but on a user-by-user level. ie if you choose your timezone to be GMT and your email address is then these would be your preferences in the SQL DB. There will be around 20 user preferences (eventually).<BR><BR>I&#039;d thought about Storing these at Session level but am not too keen on the thought of 1 Session var per person.<BR><BR>Or failing that is it going to be quicker just executing sprocs whenever needed?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any/all advice! :)<BR><BR>Jus

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    Ghose Guest

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    Use cookies!!

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    JustinS Guest

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    Cheers Ghose :)<BR><BR>but what if the user is unable to accept cookies? - Hit the DB if their cookie doesn&#039;t exist? <BR><BR>and What about the Forums Admin prefs which would be changed by the administrator on the server whenever they felt like it. It&#039;d seem a waste to keep checking whether the values in their cookie matched the value in the DB. Hmmmm.<BR><BR>Possibly using an &#039;AdminPrefsDate&#039; stored in their cookie and then compare that to an Application var holding the date the admin/forum prefs were last changed. Cunning. Nice.<BR><BR>I&#039;d somehow managed to completely forget about cookies even though I used them on the version I created over a year ago.. Doh :) .. Food for thought.<BR><BR>Thanks again,<BR><BR>Jus

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    Have you solved your timezone problem. I am having same question on how to convert a time to a different timezone value. <BR><BR>Anyone knows how?

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