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    Hi. I have been learning a little about ASP and IDC/HTX for my school&#039s web page.<BR><BR>Portions of the site are time sensitive (sports schedules and scores, newspaper articles, school events, etc.).<BR><BR>Is there a way to have an ASP page automatically display material?<BR><BR>Example 1: The front page of the school&#039s site has a area in which today&#039s and tomorrow&#039s events will be displayed. Normally, if I were to have the database list the items, it would display them all. The real issue here is to get the page to only display today&#039s events and tomorrow&#039s events without having to go and edit the page to say specific dates.<BR><BR>Example 2: Display sports scores for today and tomorrow wouldn&#039t do much good since the games haven&#039t been played yet. What it would be nice to display are the games from the day before and two days before.<BR><BR>I know it sounds like a lot, but it&#039s taken me a good 3 years to find ways to make updating our school&#039s web page a LOT easier.<BR><BR>Travis Tubbs<BR>tubbst@earthlink.net

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    &#039for today and tomorrow<BR>Dim Sdate, Edate,SQLqry<BR>Sdate = FormatDateTime(Now(),2)<BR>Edate = FormatDateTime((DateAdd("y",1,Now())),2)<BR>SQLqry = "SELECT * FROM Events WHERE EventDate &#062;= #" & Sdate & "# and EventDate &#060;= #" & Edate & "# ORDER BY EventDate;"<BR><BR>&#039for past 2 days<BR>Dim Sdate, Edate,SQLqry<BR>Sdate = FormatDateTime((DateAdd("y",-2,Now())),2)<BR>Edate = FormatDateTime(Now(),2)<BR>SQLqry = "SELECT * FROM Games WHERE GameDate &#062;= #" & Sdate & "# and EventDate &#060;= #" & Edate & "# ORDER BY GameDate;"<BR><BR>Hope this helps...Cheers!

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