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    Is there a way in ASP to create a button to call the print function? I don't want to use the print button on the IE browser, coz at the top of the printout will have the <title> thing and at the bottom of the printout will have the http address....

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    Default ASP is server-side, so no

    and there&#039;s nothing you can do about the header and footer.<BR><BR>j

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    Hi Madam,<BR>While writing HTML code in ASP page<BR>just give<BR>&#060;input type=button value="Print" onClick=window.print()&#062;<BR>It will automatically print the page on clicking the button.<BR>If you dont want the button to appear,just load new page with same content and on Body Load event ,write same code.<BR>My email is<BR>Contact me if some problem arises.

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