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    nasir Guest

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    listen i have table which has three field,marurity and <BR>cdate.i have three three controls in the form combobox and two in combobox is comming from column sname.ones i select the value in the combobox the related data that is maturity and cdate should appear automatically in the text boxes. help me

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    If you are trying to use the combo box to return values, here is the SQL u need:<BR><BR>"SELECT Maturity, CDate FROM TableName WHERE Name=&#039;" & sName<BR><BR>You will need to send the ASP page sName, which should be a string. Then, take the data returned from the recordset and populate your text boxes.<BR><BR>Cheers, Alfred Low.

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    nasir Guest

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    if i click the value in the combobox then data related to the sname should display on the text box

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