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    Joel Graham Guest

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    This is a general question about Access&#039s auto-increment field.<BR><BR>I have a set of tables that are tied together by the field "ClientNo." In one table ClientNo auto-increments. When a new individual registers, I want to go to tblLogonAdd and use rs.AddNew then rs.Update to get a new value. <BR><BR>That value I want to then use to add to tblLogonCodes (w/ ID and Pword) and tblClient with the other data.<BR><BR>Will that work or should I build another table that will create new values and assign that to the tree tables? Does this aspect of Access have problems I will encounter later?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    It shouldn&#039t create any problems, but why not just link on UserName? Surely that will be unique enough for your purposes... won&#039t it? (also saves a lot of thinking time: Find username & pw, retrieve user number from username & pw, apply number to other table, retrive info... as opposed to find username & pw, apply username to other table, retrieve info...)

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