Need to clarify / subdivide Jscript Q&A

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Thread: Need to clarify / subdivide Jscript Q&A

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    Default Need to clarify / subdivide Jscript Q&A

    What attracted me here was "JScript as your server-side language." But most of the questions are cries for help with beginning to intermediate level client-side JS problems.<BR>I think the title and the intro paragraph need to be changed to reinforce the focus of this area.<BR>There also needs to be a link to a separate Q&A thread for client-side JS<BR><BR>Dave

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    Default I agree, to a point. (SCOTT - look here)

    yes, it could do with being restricted to just server-side, and a new client-side forum being created, however it&#039;s not really busy enough at the moment to justify it (imho)

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