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    I make a simple shopping cart by myself. I include the delete and undo function in the shopping cart. However after deleting the item in the cart, if I press the Back button on the Browser, I can still view the previous page where the item has not been deleted. I think that this gonna be confusing to customers. I guess that I can replace the URL history with the Current URL.(I don&#039;t know the statement for this function, please be so kind to let me know). However, this will compromise the other issues. Afer user view the cart, I wish that they return to the exact page where they come from. I initially want to use the windlows.history.back() function. But if use delete any file when the cart is viewed, the previous page content will be changed. I am confused and really appreciate any one who may provide me some hint.<BR><BR>Thanks a lot.<BR>

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    Default here's ONE idea

    it may not be the best, but maybe you can adapt the idea for your particular situation:

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