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    I know about uploading files via ASP, but what if I want to *send* a file via ASP?<BR><BR>The basic gist is that one ActiveX DLL creates an external file (XML file, but it could be anything) that I then want to send to another site completely. It would be as if I had automatically filled out form with username, id, and file to send and done that without requiring the user to go out and do it. Is there a way to send a file with ASP or get ASP to emulate a "file upload" that originates from the server?

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    I don&#039;t know if this will fill your need, but what about sending the file via e-mail (CDO). You could attach the file to the e-mail. Of course this would require someone to open it up and save it.<BR><BR>Another possible option would be FSO (File System Object). I know FSO allows you to copy files, but I don&#039;t know if you can go between servers.

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