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    Anyone knows whats best?: overall, is it better to have a single, powerful server or multiple servers? What are the ups and down on both scenarios? Consider security, downtime, lock down data, expandability, etc. In essence, the major drawbacks of each when it comes to these issues. Is it better to have different servers to maximize security? What about organizing and sharing that information from each scenario?<BR><BR>Finally, is there any technology that could segment/fragment a server into pieces? Meaning, and please, notice I am not familiar with servers whatsoever, but I wonder if its possible to do this fragmentation physically or with help of a software. If someone has sensible data store in this server and they share it with specific people ONLY, could you do this?<BR>Thanks yall,<BR><BR>PepitoTheFrog

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    todo de lo que nos preguntaste depende del programa y sistema que quisieras - no hay una sola respuesta (en mi opinion)<BR><BR>pero quiza alguien te conteste mejor que yo

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    Bibliotecha!<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know alot myself, but I would have to say more is better... it&#039;s not as bad if one goes down and you can use others to suppliment for it in it&#039;s downtime, but if you have one server and it goes down on you (not in a sick, dirty sort of way), you&#039;re screwed.

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