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Thread: Access to DB on a different Server

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    Default Access to DB on a different Server

    I have an Access 2K DB on one server and need to connect to it from a different server. Can this be done, or do you have to be on the same server as the DB?

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    Default 2 Solutions exist

    checkout:<BR><BR>Two (2) possible solutions are discussed in section titled: Delegation, NOT!<BR><BR>In brief, the solutions are:<BR><BR>1) Create a duplicate "IUSR_machinename" account on the remote machine with an identical Password as the "IUSR_machinename" account used on the web server. Set NTFS Permissions on the remote machine to allow "IUSR_machinename" (web server) to have CHANGE & CREATE rights to the Access database file and directory.<BR><BR>2)Make the anonymous logon account a domain account. Use this domain account as the web server&#039;s default Anonymous Account. On the remote server, grant this domain account NTFS permission to CHANGE the Access databse file and to CREATE locking files in the databse directory.<BR><BR>

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