What would be best way to design table <BR>There are three tables one for category & other for subcategory & other for subsubcategory.<BR>Now in this subsubcategory can have mulitple subcategory applied to it & only one category applied.<BR><BR>In subsubcategory table I&#039;ve 4 fields<BR>subsubcatid - autonumber<BR>subsubcatname - text<BR>subcatapp = text (subcategory applied)<BR>catapp = text (category applied)<BR><BR>my question is<BR>Which way is better to store subcate applied information?<BR><BR>subsubcatname 4, 5, 6<BR><BR>or<BR>store in different table with two columns<BR>with subsubname & subcatapp <BR><BR>subsubcatname 4<BR>subsubcatname 5<BR>subsubcatname 6<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>