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    I have an external CSS file and it sets colors for the links on the site. I want to have a Class = "test" and set the link properties for that class but I&#039;m not sure on the syntax. I seems like I need to do some nesting but I&#039;m not sure.<BR>Could someone tell me the syntax for this if it is even possible?<BR><BR>.test A:link A:visited<BR>{<BR>***COLOR: #FFFFFF;<BR>}<BR>.test A:hover<BR>{<BR>***COLOR: #C0C0C0;<BR>}

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    A.test:link<BR>{ <BR> COLOR: #FFFFFF; <BR>}<BR>A.test:visited<BR>{ <BR> COLOR: #FFFFFF;<BR>}<BR>A.test:hover <BR>{ <BR> COLOR: #C0C0C0; <BR>}

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