I started messing around with templates, using the article on this board as a guide. Basically, you use [%NAME%] tags in your HTML doc which defines the look of the site, and an ASP parser uses dictionary objects to pass values into those [% tag fields for dynamic content. Great technique, but I have a problem with it. The example given on this site only shows how you can pass text data. But I need to have the template insert blocks of code into a template tag. Include files are not a good method for this.<BR><BR>I have a big chunk of code with 60 lines that needs to be inserted into a tag. The current technique used looks like this:<BR><BR>&#039;Declare our variables<BR>dim g_oPageGen, pollcode<BR>&#039;Cerate the class object<BR>set g_oPageGen = New parseTMPL<BR>&#039;Set the template file<BR>g_oPageGen.TemplateFile = "template.html"<BR>&#039;Add some custom tags to the dictionary<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "title", "Test"<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "copyright", "&copy; 2001, Friendly Matrix"<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "quote", """It&#039;s da biz bomb!""<BR>--Wired Mag"<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "menu", "&#060;a href=""www.yourpage.com""&#062;Home Page&#060;/a&#062;<BR>&#060;a href=""www.excite.com""&#062;News Page&#060;/a&#062;<BR>Link Page"<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "content", "Welcome To My Home Page... Yadda Yadda Yadda!"<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "date", date<BR>g_oPageGen.AddToken "poll", POLLCODE<BR><BR>POLLCODE is a string where I was going to insert the code via. But a string is one concatenous bunch of text and I want LINES of code inserted. <BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas around this conundrum?