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    I am having a problem with my site in regards to piggybacking info from one page to another. <BR>Basics of site:<BR>1. Customer fills in a request (it&#039;s an order form) and clicks submit at the bottom.<BR>2. There are three required signatures to send any transaction through.<BR>3. Each transaction has a unique #.<BR>4. When the customer clicks submit, an email is sent to the first signee with a link (with the unique # in the querystring) to an approval site. He then agrees/disagrees and provides the name of the next signee. He clicks submit.<BR>5. This sends an email to the next signee and the same steps SHOULD occure. The problem is, when the next signee gets his email, the link doesn&#039;t provide him with the unique number in the querystring.<BR>Please, if that made any sense, HELP! I have tried everything I could come up with but to no success.<BR>Thanks,<BR>D.B.

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    Paste the code where you build the querystring.

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