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    Hey, all,<BR><BR>I was using Dynu Systems&#039; DynuEmail component and got the dreaded ASP 0115 error. Upon reviewing my code, I happened to notice that I had accidentally set the subject line for the e-mail twice. Upon fixing this little error, everything worked okay.<BR><BR>So here&#039;s my question: Given that I had used "On Error Resume Next" in my VBScript code, shouldn&#039;t any unhandled "trappable errors" within the Dynu object have "bubbled up" to my ASP code, thus allowing my script to run fat and happy even though there was an error?

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    if it&#039;s an error that eventually won&#039;t allow the process to function, the app will crap out at some point anyway, just not necessarily at the point in the code where the error is thrown<BR><BR>for example, if i NEED the value, x, for my app to work right and i don&#039;t get it, i may not see an error where the app originally asks for x, but the app will stop at some point because it doesn&#039;t have x

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    ... that it&#039;s kind of like screwing up an API call? In that it doesn&#039;t matter what kind of error handling you&#039;ve got, if you screw up an API call the app is just going to crash.<BR><BR>Makes sense (I guess).

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