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    sjv Guest

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    Hello!<BR> Please help in knowing ,if there is a way to write code to set the "Read Only" property of a directory.That is instead of going to IIS and setting the property, can we do it programmatically?( i am having my database in my host&#039;s system)If we have our valuable directory in our host system how can we protect it? Please help me in knowing this.<BR><BR>Thank You.<BR>

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    Reggie Guest

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    Is it a Microsoft Access file? You can make the file itself read-only instead of the directory. Although, it the file or directory are read-only you won&#039;t be able to update it. You probably want to ask your host if they have a directory setup that isn&#039;t accessible to the web.<BR><BR>C:inetpubwwwrootyourwebsitehtdocs holds all your world viewable content.<BR>C:inetpubwwwrootyourwebsitedatabases holds all the databases. It&#039;s equal in hierarchy to htdocs so it is unavailable to the internet, but the computer will be able to find it.

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    sjv Guest

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    Hello Reggie,<BR> Thank you very much for your suggestion.Please tell me, what are all steps i have to undergo and what are all things i have to keep in mind to protect Access database from web access.Since i am new to this area,i need your help. Using MS access , what are all pre cautionary steps , can i take.<BR>Thank you.

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