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    Hi,<BR><BR>Im trying to compare to variables in an if loop. Now to you convert them to lower case. In VB you use lcase() in c# i can&#039;t find the dawrn function!!<BR><BR>Eg Code:<BR><BR>if (myDataView[i]["user_id"] == txtLogin.Text) {<BR> Response.Write("true");<BR>} else {<BR> Response.Write("false");<BR>}<BR><BR>Chris Bond -<BR>

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    Default Use .ToLower()

    Use the ToLower method of the String class:<BR><BR>String s = "This is in mixed Case, Eh?!";<BR>Response.Write(s + "<BR>");<BR>Response.Write("LOWER CASE IT!: " + s.ToLower());<BR><BR><BR><BR>hth

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    You can also try using the String.Compare method. One of the overloaded methods allows you to provide two strings as parameters and also a boolean indicating a case-sensitive or insensitive comparison.

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