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    Hi. We&#039;re having difficulty getting results from an array. Specifically, a &#039;type mismatch&#039; error. The array is being created through code in a dll that we&#039;ve registered on our IIS server. When we use the line anArray = x.CategoryList() in our ASP, we get the type mismatch error. We used dim anArray() as the variable to establish the array. Our programmer has dummied the VB script (used to create the dll) down to eliminate any typing that might get passed through the VB code. We&#039;re tired and probably blind to the obvious at this point. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. TIA.<BR><BR>Brent

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    Is x.CategoryList() supposed to return an Array? I usually get that error when I forget to put an ordinal in the array I.E.<BR><BR>Dim anArray(2)<BR><BR>anArray(0) = "Just"<BR>anArray(1) = "a"<BR>anArray = "test"<BR><BR>In that example the last line fails because anArray is an array while "test" is a string.

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