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    stevew Guest

    Default ASPemail for newsletters?

    Does anyone use ASPemail for newsletters? Either text or HTML.<BR><BR>I would like to use it for an HTML newsletter, but how? I think you have to pass your HTML as a single string (putting "&_ at the end of every line, and " at the start of the next line).<BR><BR>Seems like a real pain - is there an easier way?<BR><BR>

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    Joey Guest

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    I use ASPMail to send out our newsletters. What I do is have one page with a text area and a submit button. Then I post that to the send page where I just collect the info into the body of the mail and send it out. That way you do not have to worry about putting the HTML newsletter into ASP format with all of the &&#039;s and stuff.

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    stevew Guest

    Default Thanks! I'll try it!


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