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    Ok ... I use a crappy OLE-DB driver with my ASP because I use this weird kind of database. Problem is, it doesnt support ORDER BY. SO if I want to do ORDER BY in my SQL then I have to use my ODBC driver. That brings up a couple new problems. The ODBC driver first is VERY slow (literally like 10 times slower than OLE-DB). Second, it doesnt work well with WHERE clauses.<BR><BR>So what I want to do is ALWAYS use my OLE-DB driver. <BR>Does anyone know of another way to order a recordset without using the ORDER BY statement?<BR><BR>- Thanks<BR>- Nathan Masek

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    sure.<BR><BR>I would pull your rs into getrows (recordset into an array)<BR><BR>then sort the array.<BR><BR>I have the sort code for a 2-d array that is built with getrows if you so desire.

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    I do desire!<BR>Gimme Gimme Gimme ::Hands outstretched - fingers wiggling::<BR>=]

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    send me an email,<BR><BR>it would get all mangled in this forum<BR><BR>composer[at].emeraldsys[dot]com

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